Glass Washing

Glass Storage SystemOne of my many interests is making glass objects using a torch. This is often called lampworking or flameworking. I usually make beads, but I have made a few marbles and freestanding sculptures.

One of the ingredients, so to speak, of making glass object is colored glass rods. I spent a good part of the day on Saturday washing a portion of my glass rods. There had been a leak in the roof, and with our recent pseudo monsoon season, a lot of water had gotten into one of my storage containers for my glass. I did not know that this had happened and the whole bucket had mildew in it – including the labels that identified what color each of the bundle of rods was. Some of these colors look a lot alike, but behave very differently in the flame, so it was very important to me to get the glass cleaned and relabeled.

It was a big job, but it was a pleasant day. I had help too; my daughter washed glass, and the cat and dog just hung around with us. I rediscovered some colors that I had forgotten about.

I put the glass, all neat and tidy into my new glass storage system.

To see some of my lampwork beads, see my website


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