Hot Time

Cooking grill at Hinckley Reservation, Ohio.It has been a great summer for picnicking and hiking in Ohio. We spend a lot of time at Hinkley Reservation, and although summer is winding down, we often are still there well into the evening.

Now, read the following vignette about last night, keeping in mind that for fun and relaxation, I melt glass on a propane fueled torch. (You can see my work here.) Picture large, hot flames…

We did not have many charcoals for the grill, so we had added some wood. The photo of the grill is obviously “pre wood”. It was burning quite nicely and we were melting marshmallows. So, I’m sitting on one of those canvas chairs that are so ubiquitous nowadays, and a big glowing ember pops out from the fire. Onto my head. That’s not good.

So, I hurriedly swatted it off my head, and it landed – on my t-shirt. I did not immediately knock the ember from my shirt; I was delayed a bit, because I wanted to make sure that my hair was not burning. I think my daughter was also trying to help with my hair too. It was a little frenzied. In the meantime, my shirt actually caught on fire. That’s really not good.

At that point, my son is helping me too. I had ended up slapping the ember from my shirt onto my pants. I was somewhat preoccupied putting the fire on my shirt out – with my hand. Anyway, my son succeeded in pushing the ember off of my pants – onto my shoe. I think that by this time, the fire on my shirt has died off. Now, that’s a little less not good.

He helps me again, by stomping on my shoe to knock the ember off – and to smash my foot. But at least I’m not burning anymore.

You would think I would be better at handling fire.

In addition to setting myself on fire, I make artisan lampwork beads in my home studio. See my website


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