Bead Names

Gray and Chocolate Lampwork Donut beadEarly on, when I began to sell beads, I noticed that many beadmakers had a name for their beads or their bead sets. As with many things, some beadmakers were much better at this than others. Some names were so unrelated to what I was seeing, I just became confused. Some others were so compelling that I wanted to buy what I was seeing right now, whether I liked the actual work itself.

Obviously, I would like to place myself in the later category.

I have tried, but I think I was really confusing my potential customers more than helping!

What I do now is to name my beads with descriptive color names and then a tag like name that denotes the series of bead. Maybe it is the engineering part of my brain taking over, but the name just seems to be dry and technical. For example, I make big, chunky, lovable, rub it in your hands donut beads. If I craft a blue and green one of these, I will name it Blue and Green Donut Bead.

That beauty up in the corner? I named it Gray and Chocolate Donut. I think I need help with this!

Although I am bead naming challenged, I still make great artisan lampwork beads in my home studio. See my website


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