Kristine Hunt

Necklace by Kristine Hunt with lampwork beadsRecently, my friend Linda wrote a post on Google Twins (finding people with the same name as yourself) and she encouraged her readers to try it out.

Being one that can be obsessive about following directions, I went straight away to Google and tried it. I was a little disappointed to find no Google twins for my less than common name.

What I was thrilled to find, however, was a necklace crafted by Kristine Hunt of Kris Designs which used one of my lampwork beads. I really liked this bead when I made it, it is a deep emerald green large hole Donut bead with twisted color designs on it. I believe that Kris really shows it off well with this fabulous design.

She even has a great name for the piece: Easy Being Green. The description begins: Kermit the Frog sang about how it wasn’t easy being green . . . but he never had a necklace like this one!

I could learn from this!

This was the first piece that I have seen where someone other than me has used any of my artwork. Thanks Kris!

Please be sure to visit Kris Hunt’s website to see other great things!

See my artisan lampwork beads and some of my own jewelry at my website too!


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