Elusive Bird

hinckley reservoirRecently, we hiked around the reservoir at Hinckley Reservation. All summer long, I have had a quest to photograph this white bird, but all summer long, the bird was too far away to get a good picture.

On this occasion, Bird was actually quite close to the shore, but, surprise!, I did not have my camera with me. I did have my camera phone with me, so if you inspect the picture real close, there are a couple of pixels of white that represent the bird – my holy grail of photos.

Wow! Think what a zoom, better optics, and a bigger photo would have been like.

I really should know better. This is the second time I have been empty handed of my camera on this particular trail. If I had brought my camera on the trail on the day of the lunar eclipse, I would have had the shot of a lifetime. Yeah, well, in theory anyway. The other part of the story on that day? I had left the camera on the picnic table when we decided to walk the trail.

When I am not hiking, I make beads. Check them out at Etsy or my Spawn of Flame website.


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