Finding Inspiration

Palette - The Big QuestionSometimes it is hard to decide what to make when sitting down at the torch.

I am particularly interested in shapes of beads, so often one of the first things I think about is what shape do I want to make? Am I in a big donut mood? Maybe a big olive shape? Maybe something smaller? That seems pretty obvious, but it just helps me get a little direction.

Then, I decide colors. Color inspirations can be just about anywhere – magazines, photos that I have taken, mail order catalogs, or outside my window. Lately, I have been trying to really think differently, and have been getting color combinations from ColourLovers. I really love the Ecstatic Pink color combination – I wish that the beads photographed better, they are much more ethereal than what shows (but that’s another days post – right?).

I think I’ll go pick out a new color set today. Ok. There is it – up in the corner there!

hinckley_reservoir.jpgAdded: Now this is too funny! I looked at my blog with my last post and this one at the same time. The color in the new color palette in this post strongly resemble the photo in my last post. Coincidence? I think not!

I make beads with many color combinations – check my website – Spawn of Flame or look at Etsy.


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