Studio Tour

My studio is low budget. I would like to take you on a tour of my lampworking studio. It is small. It is at the mercy of the local weather. It does, however, have the essential components of a working studio – glass and a torch. And a fire extinguisher. Ventilation? Yes, it has that too, as it can best be described as being outside.

Lampworking studio

Because of the expansive proportions of my studio, I am diverging from my normal blog layout to show you larger photos. So, here is view #1. This is the main part of the studio. It has a desk that was salvaged from an old computer desk that, well, fell apart. Upon the desk is an array of glass, some of it is sheet art glass that I have cut up. That is stored in the little drawer bin. The rest is in various metal cans that have been salvaged from the kitchen.

The torch is there in the lower left quadrant of the photo. It is difficult to spot in the visual cacophony that is my studio. In the very bottom of the photo is the chair that I use. It was salvaged from a neighbor’s trash pile. It is a nice chair; I just had to wash off a lot of spider webs and other storage funk before I could use it.

Spawn of Flame glass storage.

To my left is my glass storage. I am sure that you are very impressed at the supreme organization skills that I have displayed. I actually purchased the storage containers. They are quite sophisticated, don’t you agree? In the box in the foreground of the photo is a whole box of clear. I use a lot of clear, and don’t usually bother to unpack it. I don’t know why that bundle of green is trying to masquerade as clear. I can tell the difference.

Also off to the left is the kiln, but I forgot to photograph it. The kiln was not salvaged, but the table upon which it rests was.

Lampworking studio

To my right is the fire extinguisher. It is easily accessible. I have not used it, but we did use its predecessor to put out a fire on our tractor / lawn mower. Good thing we had it.

I also have two chest of drawers in which I store miscellaneous items. Items that I rarely use. I did not even attempt to photograph those chests, because they are currently buried under a large amount of pop (soda) that was on sale. We had better consume that 1.) before it freezes and 2.) before I need one of those miscellaneous items.

Well, so there you have it. I sometimes feel funny calling it a studio. It is located between my house and garage in the breezeway. It has neither air conditioning nor heat. It has been furnished in what best could be described as dumpster diving. It is really tiny and shares its purpose with food storage. But it is where I melt my glass, so it’s my studio.

Take a moment to look at some beads made in my studio at my shop at Etsy.


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