Odd Butterfly

Here is my first try at a butterfly for the Beads of Courage project. I think that I like the concept of the butterfly, but I’m just not sure that it is right yet. My husband says that it is awful.

It sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and I wanted to wear a brown flowered shirt with purple striped shorts. My mom would not be pleased at those clothing choices.

Help me out here! What is wrong with this? Or maybe it’s not bad?

These butterfly beads are for families of children who have passed away. I would not want to make anything but the absolute best for them.

Update:  I have reconsidered my thoughts on this butterfly, and now I like it very much!  Post to follow.

Rosemarie Hanus melts butterfly beads in her home studio and sells glass on Etsy and her website.


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