Beat It!

Desert Topo Glass Lampwork Bead Set

Desert Topo Glass Lampwork Bead Set

The heat – that is, what did you expect? (Well, I’ll have the Michael Jackson song stuck in my head now that I think about it!) I’m talking about the scorching heat in the summer, and how do I cope with torching in it.

Well, first of all, I know that I need to get things done, and done now. That is a great motivator! I have a “three season” studio – it’s basically outside, so spring and fall are fabulous. It’s nearly impossible to torch in the winter, so I have to put up with the heat somehow.

First, I wear lighter clothing, but I still wear my leather apron – hot glass in my lap is very, um, undesirable. As soon as a bead or a set (on a single mandrel) is done, off comes the apron.

I work in the night, typically it is cooler then.

I have a gallon jug of water, and I drink, drink, drink. No extra potty breaks are needed, because I am drenched after each torching session, and I’m not spilling the water onto myself. Although that is a thought…

If I’m working while there is light outside, I will turn off my work light whenever I can, because it generates a lot of heat itself. I turn it on if I have to do something intricate, but it goes back off as soon as possible.

I wear my Crocs. There. I said it. I love my Crocs, and if my feet stay cooler, the rest of me is cooler too.

My hair is put up on top of my head. No ponytail down the back – it is too hot.

I have a fan that generates a cross breeze. I am very careful to make sure that it is not blowing the torching fumes toward me though.

I wash my face between beads.

If I get too “soppy”, I change clothes. (I’m not painting a pretty picture here, am I?)

Rosemarie Hanus cheerfully melts glass in the heat in her Northeast Ohio studio. Check out her glassy things on Etsy and her website.


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