Walking the Dog – Chapter 1 – The Picture Tree

One of northeast Ohio’s best kept secrets is the incredible hiking locations that are here. One of my favorite places to hike is the Cleveland Metroparks, and in particular Hinckley Reservation. This fact is no secret to anybody that has read my blog in the past year. It is a fabulous place, no matter what season, and there is hiking suitable for anyone.

Hinckley Lake Loop Trail

On this day, we hiked around the reservoir on the Hinckley Lake Loop Trail, a trail with gentle hills of about 3 and a half miles. It is my dog, Spike’s favorite place to hike, which also is no secret. Why? Because no matter what hike – that is her current favorite place ever.

The Picture Tree

The Picture Tree

Spike doesn’t look very happy in this photo, because like almost everyone that I know, when she poses for the camera she puts on “camera face”. She is also none too happy about sitting for this shot anyway, maybe it has something to do with the steep drop off behind her. Or then again, maybe it’s because she has to take time out of her trail exploration to sit. Remember, I’m talking about the dog here, not my daughter. The daughter was enthusiastic about the photo shoot.

I’ll post a picture of both of them tomorrow that shows the dog in a little more happy mood.

We almost always take a picture of someone in the hollow of this tree when we walk this particular trail. Does anybody else have a spot that is a family favorite for posing?

When I am not hiking, I make beads. Check them out at Etsy or my Spawn of Flame website.


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