Thanksgiving Hike – Done

After about an hour of hiking around Hinckley Lake, we caught a glimpse of our car through the woods.  This caused us some excitement, not because we were almost finished, but because we like to see our car from unusual view points.  The car was trying to hide, but I outsmarted it by putting a big black arrow in the picture.

My Car Hiding in the Woods

My Car Hiding in the Woods

Because we could not just traipse directly through the woods to the car, we still had another 10 minutes or so before we actually got to the car.  On the way, we saw a sign that caused the impertinent part of me to wonder, “if horses are not allowed, how can it be all purpose?”.

Usage Fail

Usage Fail

As an aside, have you ever read Fail Blog?  I’m not asking for any particular reason… it’s just funny.

I’ll leave you with a gratuitus winter scene.

Stream in Hinckley Reservation

Stream in Hinckley Reservation


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