LEST – Lampwork Etc Street Team

On Etsy, there are groups of people that promote each other’s shops – these groups are called Street Teams.  I am on one such team; we all all lampworkers ( or flameworkers) that frequent an online forum called Lampwork Etc.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself!  Etsy is an online selling venue that can best be described by their tagline – “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade”.

Back to our team.  We have a website (Lestbeads.com) , a blog (Welcome to LEST), an area on Flickr (Lampwork: Glass Beads), and probably some others. Update: sadly, this team is no longer in existence.

We run promotions each month, and for the month of December we are having a Holiday / Winter Challenge.  Several members have uploaded photos of beads and you can vote on your favorite.  Go ahead.  Go vote. Go do it now!  I wouldn’t mind if you happened to vote for mine.

Candy Canes and Candy Cane Wreaths

Candy Canes and Candy Cane Wreaths


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