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I was contacted a while ago to be interviewed for an article about Etsy artisans to be published in the Bath Country Journal, our local community magazine. I had not heard anything until this week, when a photographer called and said that the pictures for the article had to be done by Thursday.  Well, that was a surprise!

The photographer wanted a photo with me holding my beads, so to display as many beads as I could, I came up with the idea of using some cigar bead boxes that I had purchase a long time ago from The Bead Box Man.  I like how the beads look, but we’ll see how I look trying to hold them in the photo.  I was really worried that I was going to dump them all during my photo shoot!  They stayed in the boxes – what a relief!

Spawn of Flame Beads - in a Box

Spawn of Flame Beads - in a Box

Rosemarie Hanus makes many beads in her home studio. Take a look at these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.


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