Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 1 – Bead Experiments

I am currently participating in an online workshop run by Sylvie Lansdowne on Facebook.  It is kind of funny, because I’m learning my way around Facebook at the same time I’m learning in the workshop.

For our first assignment, each of us that are participating in the workshop were assigned a unique photo and color scheme. My grayscale photo seemed to be a flower bud with large, graceful sepals, and my color scheme was purple, bright yellow, and pink.  From this inspiration, we were each to make a bead.  The rule was: one and only one bead!  Then we had to post a photo of the bead that we had made.  Sylvie had jokingly promised us that we would not like the bead that we had made.  I believe that her prediction is spot on, at least for me.

The colors in my bead did not turn out like I intended. The purple ended up being a little more blue than expected, and the pink turned purple on the yellow!  That was really weird to me;  it was a Reichenbach color that I’m sure that I’ve used quite reliably before.  I wonder if I grabbed the wrong color.  Not only that, there was a color reaction on the yellow itself around the bottom (in the picture anyway) part of the bead.  It is all the way around the bead, but only at the bottom.  I have to think about that one.

Now that we have all made the bead, each of us are to give suggestions on where to proceed to expand on this basic bead.  Without comment, here is my bead.  Where do you think this could go?

The Weird Bead

The Weird Bead

Rosemarie Hanus makes many beads (weird an otherwise) in her home studio. Take a look at these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.


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3 responses to “Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 1 – Bead Experiments

  • Angie Garren

    Sounds like a fun workshop. . .and a challenging one. I like the purple that came from the pink on the yellow. I’m thinking I’d like the colors together better if the purple had stayed purple. Aren’t reactions and end color results weird sometimes?

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  • Marcy

    Rosemarie, I think we might have had the same photo but different color combinations. I did the workshop the first time around. I love the way you interpreted it.

    From here, I would love to see you try this in more color paths. Personally, I’d like deeper colors and a slightly thinner barrel and then go for broke on the flower part so it really stands out. Or make the base even larger and wilder and make a couple of flowers all over it, like a funky, wild cactus. What fun!

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