Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 2 Inspired by a Painting

For our assignment during week 2 of the workshop, we each were to chose a painting and then make a bead based on that painting.  Also, the painting was supposed to be something that was very much different from our usual style.

The painting that I chose had little geometric shapes of gray and white at the base and swirls of white in the sky.  There was a graceful tree in black and blue a little off center to the right.

I started out with a blue tab base and then began to add the geometric shapes on the base.  I quickly ran out of room, so I only made one shape!  There are swirls on the top, but they blend in.  I think that they add to the overall effect, but you really don’t “see” them.

When I put the tree on, instead of being graceful, it looks more ominous – sort of a cute, spooky tree.  I like it though… and the geometric shape turned into a pear – quite by accident.

Workshop Tree Bead

Workshop Tree Bead

This also was an interesting exercise in stepping beyond what I normally do.

Rosemarie Hanus makes many beads in her home studio. Look at some more of these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.


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4 responses to “Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 2 Inspired by a Painting

  • angie

    Cool description of the painting you chose, and I love your interpretation. The way the curves of the branches almost turn into swirls themselves is beautiful!

  • Anna

    Mm, I like the idea of ‘stepping beyond what you normally do’ – I’m making a mental note of that for the coming days – or make that the coming year.

    I really like the tree shape you ended up with – both the contrast of the deep blue/black and pale blue, and the tilt and curls of the branches. Really nice negative space too, the shapes formed within (and without) the branches.

  • Sandra

    While I like your bead from the more recent Week 3, this is my favourite out of the beads you’ve made…

    Reminds me of something like a tree of life… but sometimes my gaze shifts and it looks more like an octopus.

    I try to put that latter thought out of mind as soon as possible!

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