Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 3 Backstory

The assignment for week 4 was to make a “personal bead” – not necessarily for ones self, but that is what I chose to do. As soon as I read this assignment, I knew that I had to make a bead to honor a very emotional event in my life.  Those in the workshop already have read this, but I’ll repeat myself.  This is a story that I have held dear for years.

About 8 years ago, my family went on a vacation, in total there were 6 of us: me, my husband, my sons (aged about 13, 7, 5 ) and my youngest daughter (about 2). We stopped at a gorgeous stream somewhere outside of the Redwood National Park in California.

We were wading in the stream, when my son Paul (the 7 year old) said, very matter of factly, “David (5) is in the water” – almost like he was telling on him. I looked over, and David was not just in the water, he was totally under the water and was being dragged downstream VERY fast. The terror at that moment was unimaginable, it felt like an icy hand had a firm grasp on my heart. David was already downstream from me, and was moving far faster than I could possibly catch up.

Miraculously – and I don’t use that word lightly, Daniel (13) was downstream and just about even where David was at the time. I yelled at Daniel to get David and somehow he was able to fish him out of the stream. This all happened in a matter of seconds, but if Daniel had not been there, or… Well the “or” didn’t happen, and David Didn’t Drown, which is the name of the bead.

This bead is in honor of this day. It was a beautiful day, the blue in the bead represents the sky and the pretty water. The dark blue and the green stand for the unseen dangerous water. I swirled the water around, to represent both the calm ripples on the surface and also the gripping current below.

This bead is similar to beads that I have been making, but with much more color and the addition of the swirls.
I am thrilled with how it turned out!  And… it has special meaning.  I’m reposting the picture from yesterday.

David Didn't Drown

David Didn't Drown


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