Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 6 – From a Children’s Book

The assignment for this week of the workshop (Finding Your Voice –Sylvie Lansdowne on Facebook) was to choose any children’s book and make a bead inspired by this book.  I was amazed at the beautiful inspiration that was to be found this way, and I’m sure that I will use this technique again.

I chose the book “The Tiny Seed” by Eric Carle and there was a cute little fishy – well,  I just fell in love with  it.

Here is the bead – far, far from the type of beads that you usually see coming out of my kiln!

Glass Lampwork Fish Bead

Glass Lampwork Fish Bead

Interested?  Read more in this series about the Finding Your Voice Workshop.

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads in her home studio. Look at some more of these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.


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2 responses to “Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 6 – From a Children’s Book

  • angie garren

    I love checking out children’s and juvenile fiction for inspiration. . . okay, I’ll confess I’d love the illustrations in all those books, no matter what. Your fish is adorable, and it looks like you’ve really captured a festive feel from the book you used!

  • rosemarie h.

    Thanks Angie – just looking at Fishy here makes me smile. I found looking at this type of book to be a great inspiration. I have several more ideas from just this one book.

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