I think I am going to finally upgrade my Mac to the OS 10.5 – Leopard operating system this weekend.  I know, I know – Snow Leopard might be out in the next few months, but who needs to on the cutting edge of technology? (Rhetorical – don’t answer!)

I am nervous.

I backed everything up last week and I need to get the newer material backed up.  I am hoping the the Leopard backup utility will make this task less onerous.

I’ve looked at a couple of online articles on what to do to prepare… does anybody have any words of wisdom?


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4 responses to “Leopard

  • Anna

    I wasn’t in a rush to upgrade, especially since I was very comfy and happy with Tiger. But now that I have Leopard, wow. (One Macbook still has Tiger, the second came with Leopard.) I love it.

    Do you have an external hard drive? Leopard has a nifty feature, Time Machine, that does automatic backups on the ext. hard drive. I just did a bunch of backing-up recently. That’s one thing that makes me feel ‘safer’ about all my data – backing it up on the ext. hard drive and physical discs.

  • Patty Lakinsmith

    Rosemarie – you’re already one step ahead of me by being smart enough to do full backups. I am still trying to revover from a HD crash. Good luck – I have faith in you!


  • rosemarie h.

    I am looking forward to the backup capability.

    Patty, I’m still worried that I don’t have it all backed up properly. I did go for 6 months before doing that, I was very, very lucky.

    We have even had disk crashes before – what a disaster!

    I was planning on upgrading this weekend, but I think it won’t happen until later on next week.

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