My Mac is Up and Running Again

Well, after the Leopard upgrade debacle, I have my beloved Mac working again. I have bright, shiny new versions of the software that I use. I do not know for a fact that this was the only way to fix my problems, but truthfully? I was in a panic.

I have just a small, snarky observation. I dearly love my Mac, and we’ve had our problems… but if Microsoft released an operation system that was so terribly incompatible with software that was only a couple of years old, you would never hear the end of it! There. I said it.

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2 responses to “My Mac is Up and Running Again

  • lori g.

    What was the deal? How come a new install? We just reinstalled our Leopard today too because my programs stopped opening. It started with Photoshop and then made its way over to the Office programs.

    Hopefully all will be well now for both of us!

  • rosemarie h.

    Lori, I hope that your Mac is behaving itself.

    This was my first install of Leopard. I’m only a couple of years behind in upgrading my OS. After upgrading all the rest of my software, all seems to be going well!

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