Finding Your Voice Workshop – Cable Bead

I am now starting a new round of Sylvie Lansdowne’s Facebook workshop; we are calling it “People Who Won’t Leave”!  This is actually the second week of this round; it will take me a little while to get the nerve to show you my first week’s bead – it was less than aesthetically pleasing.

Our assignment was to use something from our closet to inspire us.  I do tend to wear a lot of solids and textured clothing, so at first I was a little stumped.  Then I decided to use a knitted cable sweater as my inspiration, and to draw the cables with different colors.

Knitted Cable Fabric Swatch

Knitted Cable Fabric Swatch

This is a beautiful stitch and it really makes me want to get my knitting machine(s) out again!  I wanted to make the bead very textured, and to emphasize where the cables “crossed over”.   There were a few technical challenges that I had to think through before making the bead, but I got through that and made my first bead:

Cable Bead - First One!

Cable Bead - First One!

For “extra credit”, we were allowed to make more beads using different color schemes.  Once I had made the first bead, I thought of some techniques that I could do to make the cables more uniform; I tried that on a few more beads.

Yellow Cable Bead

Yellow Cable Bead

I like these and plan on expanding this concept. I even have some more ideas on how to streamline the process – right now, ot takes me a long time to make one!

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads in her home studio. Almost all of them use Silvered Ivory Stringer – Look at these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.


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