Finding Your Voice Workshop – Invert Colors

Here is one of my beads from the online Finding Your Voice Workshop.  It is a lampwork glass bead that, well, the concept is great, but the bead is probably one of the ugliest bead that I have ever made.  I have seen others make this claim, and when I see the bead, I think that the bead is just fine.  You be the judge here.

Blue Organic Bead ecstaticPinkDonut.jpgThe assignment was to take a photograph of a bead that we make often and have good familiarity with it.  In a photo editing program, we were to invert the colors and then actually make the resulting bead.  When I did this, I discovered that I have already made a lot of these combinations already.  I did find one to try – a blue bead that inverted into a nice yellow bead.

So here are the two bead photos.  The blue one is the original bead.  The second is inverted – I left the background untouched (because I can).

“Wow!”, I thought to myself – this will be great. Here is the result. I am almost embarrassed to post the picture of the bead, but I don’t think that viewing it will cause you permanent damage. It also might give you a little insight into a lampworker’s not so successful experiments!

The effect that I was trying to achieve was a soft yellow base, with accents of a darker yellow and brown.  My choice of glass colors  not play well together and made mostly mud.  The shape however, is impeccable.  What do you think?  Could this be one of the ugliest beads ever?

My Ugliest Bead Ever (maybe...)

My Ugliest Bead Ever (maybe...)

Rosemarie Hanus makes usable beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.


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