Finding Your Voice Workshop – Channeling Mash Up

We had a interesting assignment for the Finding Your Voice Workshop – channeling two artists. Here it is:

You are going to pretend that you are a well known glass-bead artist…mostly pioneers in the movement (also people on my favs list that I threw in for fun)… people whose style is DEFINITELY their own… easily recognizable. You would say that each of these people found their voice… no doubt.

Well… one morning they woke up and found that their “to-do” lists include making beads that “belong” to another beadmaker… beads that THEY are known for. These beads will still need to definitely LOOK like bead artist 1 (who you are channeling) but should definitely be the style of beadmaker 2.

Oh, yes. This was a really fun assignment. I loved looking at some of the artists’ work. I’ve been lampworking for more than 6 years, and was not familiar with all of these artists. Yes, shame on me! I chose to be Sylvie Lansdowne (nothing like trying to be the teacher’s pet) making a Kathy Johnson bead.  Sylvie makes whimsical mermaids and fairies with cute decorations, and Kathy makes realistic horses.

I present the result of this experiment: the MerMare.

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.


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