My “Dead” Azalea

I swear that this plant was dead. It had no flowers last year. It had no leaves last year.

This year, it has flowers.  No leaves, mind you, but flowers abound.

Risen from the Dead Azalea

Risen from the Dead Azalea


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4 responses to “My “Dead” Azalea

  • Anna

    Plants and flowers are so full of surprises, wow – amazing that your azalea has risen! The color is incredible – almost like a coral-strawberry, really beautiful. So I wonder why it’d have flowers but not the leaves?

  • Mallory

    Wow! The flowers are stunning! I would be amazed about the flowers and no leaves. Oh, well, a miracle is a miracle!

  • Patty Lakinsmith

    Rosemarie – are you sure it’s not meant to be that way? I mean, I have a vague recollection of a (deciduous) azalea that flowers before the leaves come out. Of course, this memory is from a period long, long ago when I paid attention to what was beyond my torch, but maybe, just maybe your azalea is ok? I hope so…


  • rosemarie h.

    This plant has bloomed for all of the years that we have lived at this house – until last year. All summer long, it sat there with no leaves. I was certain that it was dead, but just never got around to taking it out. I am SOOOO glad that I procrastinated.

    It could be possible that it gets the leaves after blooming, I really don’t remember. I do know that I’m sure not cutting it down!

    It really is a very special color, I love it and was really sad when I thought it was gone.

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