Just a Walk in the Park

We went on a hike on Friday at the Hinckley Reservation;.  It was what we call a glorious Akron day – overcast, damp, and cool.  This is typical weather here in Northeast Ohio, and I guess that I have learned to appreciate this type of day.

I disturbed a Great Blue Heron.  I must have taken just a little too long for his comfort to frame the shot.  He indignantly flew to the other end of the reservoir.

Aggravated Great Blue Heron

Aggravated Great Blue Heron

The dampness brought many tidbits to my sense of smell.  The woods smelled of freshly decomposing leaves.  It was a clean, earthy smell – quite pleasant and reminds me of why our vegetation is quite lush this time of year.

The air also hung heavy with the scent of wild roses.  They smelled quite sweet right now, but not cloying at all.

Wild Roses

Wild Roses

It was a perfect day.


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