Studio Make Over

I got a couple of new pieces of furniture for my glass studio.  We went to HGR Industrial Surplus – it was a huge warehouse of all sorts of, well, industrial stuff.

Here is the heavy duty steel cabinet that is the new home for the kiln.  I am going to paint it soon, but for now it’s a nice rust and gray.

New Kiln Cabinet

New Kiln Cabinet

Here is my revamped desk.  It was sagging in the middle and we have reinforced it now so that it is almost flat.

Torching Desk

Torching Desk

And here is a huge, heavy duty cabinet that will soon hold my glass; it even has some nice dividers in the bottom that will help store the flat glass that I use.  I have the oxygen concentrator on top of it.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet


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3 responses to “Studio Make Over

  • Anna

    The cabinets are huge – you must have a lot of glass! I like the little white chest with wood knobs, and the divided metal shelves on top. I’m coveting your blue chair. I want a good solid chair like that, with wood, and arms.

  • rosemarie h.

    The little white chest and the chair were both recovered from trash! There were two chars, and between the two, we had parts to make one working chair.

    That huge cabinet will hold all of my glass plus a bunch of other stuff. My glass stash is not nearly as large as some people have.

    The divided metal shelves were also from HGR, I’m going to use it to have just a couple of rods of each color close by. I tend to get a huge pile of “working glass”, and I sort of had it under control with a little plastic box, but this will be better.

  • Mallory

    Wow! Rose, this is going to be great! I can hardly wait to see everything when it’s finished!

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