Snake on a Stick

We see all sorts of wildlife while walking around Hinckley Reservation; we are disappointed if we don’t see at least 2 herons and one snake.  For some reason this snake was quite enchanting.  See how he (she?) is casually draped on the stick sunning himself over the water.

Snake on a Stick


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2 responses to “Snake on a Stick

  • Ellen Farris

    Sounds like a fabulous place if it’s that common to see heron! They’re so gorgeous and prehistoric!

  • rosemarie h.

    Oh yes, we usually do see the herons there and I always am thrilled.

    I remember the first time that I saw one, years ago. It was flying – I had no idea what it was. I thought, hmmm, that looks like a pterodactyl (not that I had ever seen one of THOSE… ).

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