Rainy New Year’s Day

The temperature had warmed and much of the snow and ice had melted, so it seemed like a great day for a walk.  Along with some moody fog, there was a fine mist of rain; but hey, it was only a fine mist… until 2 minutes into the walk.


I was attempting to frame this photo of Hinckley Reservoir when the heavens opened and poured rain upon us.  I quickly snapped it and put the poor camera away.  I love how it turned out!

It only poured for about 2 minutes and then settled back into the gentle mist for the remainder of the walk.  Our timing could not have been worse!

Spike doesn’t mind the wetness, but apparently Genghis Khan (who has been remoikered Dinkus) is not so fond of it.  He was almost constantly shaking the water off.


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