Crazy Pictures of My Cars Make Me Smile

For years I’ve taken pictures of my cars whenever I could.  It was easy when on vacation because I when traveling I always had a camera at the ready.  In the past, I did not carry a camera every day, but now I do! So, now I have even more pictures of my cars.

Here is a lovely composition I call Walmart Sunset.  The silver car is mine – the others were just parking lot friends of my car. The photo was taken in the parking lot of the local Walmart (great title, huh?).

 Walmart Sunset

Walmart Sunset

Aside from sentimental value (ah, remember the time we went to Walmart…) I think the photos can be great inspiration for my glasswork.  I would love to capture the fading from one color to the next.  I like how the lights points have the star effect – I wonder how to use that effect?

Here is frost that was on my black car yesterday.  I’d need some wicked stringer control to make a bead like this.  For non glass people, a stringer is a very fine thread of glass that is used to effectively paint on the glass; it takes lots of practice and a steady hand to control.

Decorative Car Frost

I have many MANY pictures of my cars – in store parking lots, highway rest areas, national parks.  Looking at them makes me very happy, maybe because they are inspirational, maybe because they bring back memories, or maybe because they are just silly.


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