Building a Necklace

In my last post, I did a quick design of a necklace, doing the layout in Photoshop.  Last night I made the beads.  Although not difficult they did take quite a bit of time because I was extra meticulous with the shaping.  I felt that since they were only one color, the shape was the key.

Glass Lampwork Beads - Still on the Mandrels

Here they are, looking a little prettier – all cleaned.

Glass Lampwork Beads by Spawn of Flame - Rosemarie Hanus

I made them into components for the necklace.  I added little “spaceship” sterling silver spacers.  I used 18 gauge wire; I’m not used to that thickness especially since I have not done any wire work for a while.

Glass Lampwork Components for a Necklace

I didn’t have any jumprings, so I decided to make some.

Wire Wrapped - Ready to Make JumpringsI haven’t made these in a while either.  What a chore until my saw blade broke.  I replaced the blade and finished in minutes.  Note to self – working with a dull tool is not good.

Jumprings and a Jeweler's Saw

That is all I have for today.  I’m off to the torch to make the focal bead.

I’m Rosemarie Hanus and I usually just make glass lampwork beads (not the jewelry) in my Bath Township, Ohio studio.   Check out my stores to see what I usually do – links in sidebar.


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