Since One is Not Enough

I was in the jewelry making mood apparently.  Since the first necklace turned out much to my satisfaction, I decided to make a second – this one is simply named Sunset.  I imagine that I needed to prove to myself that it wasn’t just a happy accident.  The glass lampwork focal bead is more of the usual kind of bead that I make, so at least that part went fast!

Handmade Necklace with Glass Lampwork Beads

Sunset Necklace

I took the two necklaces to be exhibited at an art show.  It is just the pieces that are displayed, with no accompanying description – unfortunately it seems.  As I was checking them in, I was asked where I found all of the matching beads.  Of course I made them, but how is someone looking at the piece to know this?  I kind of want them to know!

I’m Rosemarie Hanus and I usually just make glass lampwork beads (not the jewelry) in my Bath Township, Ohio studio.   Check out my stores to see what I usually do – links in sidebar.


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