Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

The topic for the weekly photo challenge was curiosity.   My first thought was my cat, but I thought there was no way that I could get a photo of her being curious.  Of course, she did present an opportunity when she was investigating the hole for our sump pump.  Why she was looking around in there is a mystery to me – there are THREE water dishes around the house, so it couldn’t have been thirst.  I guess she was looking because “it was there”.  I didn’t have the camera – it figures!

I did see something that was a curiosity.  We were looking around in a pet store and there was a tank of gorgeous Oscars.  There were two types – one set being albino.  All of the albinos were congregating in one place; it was very odd.  Notice that the Tiger Oscars are on the top and the Albinos are all at the bottom? Curious.

Oscar Fish

Curious Congregation of Albino Oscars


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