Reminiscing About a Summer Day in Hinckley

While sorting photos, I found some shots of one of our many hikes in Hinckley Reservation. last summer.  We have walked there often in the last couple of years, and late last spring we discovered how nice it was to walk the bridle trails.  We frequently encounter the horses and always get the dogs well off to the side and make them sit.

One time, after the they passed, the horses began to run.  This made Spike very excited and she wanted to run after them.  The remainder of the hike, she was very animated and was bouncing all over the place.  It really tired her out and she was a little stiff the next day.

Here is a view of the Hinckley Hills Loop Trail near the Kiwanis trailhead.

Hinckley Hills Loop Trail

Quoting from the trail map:

This rugged trail crosses ravines and streams and follows sections of the Buckeye and bridle trails.

Yep – that describes it.  It’s rugged, and the path is confusing sometimes.  We got lost several times before we were familiar with the area.  We have talked with several other hikers and they mentioned helping out lost hikers at times.  It’s not “deep in the woods” lost, just “how in the world do I get back to where I started” lost.

Here is a photo of a bridle trail loop.  I can’t remember the name, but it was *really* rugged.

Bridle Trail Loop


I remember being excited seeing the start of the leaves turning color.

Fall Approaches

Rosemarie Hanus melts glass to make beads in northeast Ohio.  In her spare time she love to hike the local trails.


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