Reminiscing About a Autumn Day in Hinckley

Well, the theme around here this week is looking back over the photos from last year. These were from November, 2010 – the leaves had already fallen, everything was ready for winter. The day itself was crisply cold, but the sun was out and keeping us warm.

This trail is a section of the Hinkley Hills Loop Trail that I wrote about recently.  In contrast to that rugged area, this portion is very flat and meanders through meadows and the edge of the woods.

There were numerous crab apple trees with their vivid red fruits.  They sure stand out from the surrounding gray branches.

Paul and Spike Inspecting a Crab Apple Tree

Crab Apples

Check out the thorns on this Hawthorn tree.  I just read that the Hawthorn is part of the rose family – do all roses have thorns?  Hmmm…

Hawthorn Tree Thorn


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