Choosing my New Look – Part 1 – Luxury Brands

Recently, ArtFire made the announcement that it was going to be changing the look of everybody’s shops.  As a part of this, we would need to develop a new header with a different size.  In addition, we had control over more of the colors in the shop than in the past.

I thought that this would be a good time to do some research to help me decide on the color scheme to use.  Currently, I have different colors in my different shops – not such a good idea for branding, right?

I got the idea to look at luxury brands and see what colors they use (because my beads are luxury brand, of course…) I found an article at Forbes that listed the top luxury brands.

Luxury Brands Websites

Luxury Brands Websites

#1 Louis Vuitton / White background
#2 Hermès / White background, grayish font, orange logo
#3 Gucci Brown wood panel at bottom, gold band, images, gold lettering
#4 Chanel / Black and White with grayscale images
#5 Rolex / Black background, white lettering
#6 Hennessy / Black background, black to neutral brown side panel, gold and white lettering
#7 Cartier / Black background, white nav bar, neutral brown/gray font, splash band of deep red.
8 Moët & Chandon / Black background, gray t0 black splash band, gold and soft white lettering
9 Fendi / Steel gray/blue background, black nav bar, white lettering
10 Prada , a background image of a runway show area, popups of mostly black with white lettering.

OK.  I see the pattern – very little color to distract from the products.

But!! I’m an artist!  I want color!!  What to do??!!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you where else I looked.


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