Making Some Cabochons

Today, I am going to make some cabochons. Well I’m going to attempt to make some anyway.

At least 2 years ago, my friend Linda gave me some kiln wash to do some fusing. I was fearful. Of what, I am not sure – maybe of breaking my kiln somehow.

So right now, I have some test pieces in the kiln and they are ramping up to slump. I was wondering how I would tell that I got full coverage with the kiln wash. The kiln wash is pink! It was easy.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well, I hardly do too, but here is the general idea. First I had to prepare that kiln shelf by putting something on it so that the glass won’t stick to it (or worse yet – to the kiln.) I prepared some marble like glass pieces in my normal style, with the silvered ivory accents. Put those into the kiln and get them hot enough so that they spread out flat. Cool. (Temperature and hopefully aesthetically too!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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