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Beach in October

Lat October we went to a picnic at the Edgwater Yacht club on the Lake Erie coastline.  The picnic was for the Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts guild and one of our members is also a member of the yacht club.

Edgewater Yacht Club

Katie on an Anchor

To the east was downtown Cleveland.


To the east was Edgewater Beach.  We walked there to collect beach glass; there was little glass, but there was a lot of other *stuff* – shells, driftwood, plastic, other…

Edgewater Beach

To the north was Lake Erie.  Lake Erie has big boats! Big, big boats.

Big Boat!

Rosemarie Hanus melts glass to make beads in northeast Ohio. She was a founding member and is active in the Ohio Jewelry and Metal Arts guild.

One World One Heart 2011 Winner!

The winner of my door prize for One World One Heart is …

Megan of Megan Chaimberain.  Be sure to go look at her wonderful hand stitched bears!

I cannot thank everybody that visited my blog and left a comment enough.  I love all that was said!  I did not get to visit many blogs, but I plan to visit every one soon.

One World One Heart 2011

My name is Rosemarie Hanus and in my home studio I produce handmade artisan glass lampwork beads. I do this by melting colorful rods of glass over a flaming torch and winding the glass onto metal rods. I like fire! I also spend a lot of time hiking in local parks here in Northeast Ohio (USA) with my family and two dogs and love to share my adventures. I satisfy my music muse by playing French Horn in a local brass choir.

I am participating in the fifth and final blog hop known as One World One Heart; this is a gigantic open house which allows bloggers from all over the world to mingle, meet, and make new connections.  The blog hop is hosted by Lisa at A Whimsical Bohemian and the rules are here.  This it the first time that I am participating – better late than never?  I’m really looking forward to getting to know more bloggers.

One World One Heart

Door Prize!

Someone visiting here will receive this gorgeous pendant made with one of my glass lampwork beads.  This pendant is ready to be placed on a chain or ribbon for your wearing pleasure. (Lol at “wearing pleasure”).  The chain in the photo is just for pretty – I’m keeping that.

The winner has been announced here.

What do you have to do?  Simply leave a comment on this post and please, please make sure that you leave an email address or some other way that is obvious to me on how to contact you. A link to your blog would be cool, but is not required.   The winner will be announced Feb. 17th; I will email the winner as well as post it. Note! The spam detector on the blog is starting to mark the comments as spam – I am fixing them as I notice. Sorry about that…

Handmade Glass Lampwork Pendant from Spawn of Flame - Rosemarie Hanus

A quick tour of my blog

I like to talk about my finished beads, beadmaking and my bead business (tips for others).  I also love to share a little bit about my little part of the world – Northeast Ohio, USA.

I try to share with the lampworking community; my most popular series of posts explain how to make a certain element (called Silvered Ivory Stringer) that is used to embellish lampworked glass.  A couple of these posts even show FIRE!  As I mentioned – I am definitely Pro Fire.

I Play with FIRE!

My family and I hike frequently and many of my musings are about what we see.   We frequent a local park called Hinckley Reservation.  WARNING – there are pictures of wildlife, including spiders and snakes; if you don’t have a problem with that, take a look at some of these posts (there are several pages!).

Hinckley Reservoir - January 1, 2011

Autumn View at Hinckley Reservoir - October 2008

Please have a nice time looking around and remember to leave a comment!

Since One is Not Enough

I was in the jewelry making mood apparently.  Since the first necklace turned out much to my satisfaction, I decided to make a second – this one is simply named Sunset.  I imagine that I needed to prove to myself that it wasn’t just a happy accident.  The glass lampwork focal bead is more of the usual kind of bead that I make, so at least that part went fast!

Handmade Necklace with Glass Lampwork Beads

Sunset Necklace

I took the two necklaces to be exhibited at an art show.  It is just the pieces that are displayed, with no accompanying description – unfortunately it seems.  As I was checking them in, I was asked where I found all of the matching beads.  Of course I made them, but how is someone looking at the piece to know this?  I kind of want them to know!

I’m Rosemarie Hanus and I usually just make glass lampwork beads (not the jewelry) in my Bath Township, Ohio studio.   Check out my stores to see what I usually do – links in sidebar.

The Necklace is Finished

Here is the focal that I have been working on and the finished necklace.  I have named it BOB (Barnacles On Blue).

BOB (Barnacles on Blue) Focal Bead


Necklace with glass lampwork beads and sterling silver.

BOB - The Necklace


It does resemble the Photoshop version, doesn’t it?

Building a Necklace

In my last post, I did a quick design of a necklace, doing the layout in Photoshop.  Last night I made the beads.  Although not difficult they did take quite a bit of time because I was extra meticulous with the shaping.  I felt that since they were only one color, the shape was the key.

Glass Lampwork Beads - Still on the Mandrels

Here they are, looking a little prettier – all cleaned.

Glass Lampwork Beads by Spawn of Flame - Rosemarie Hanus

I made them into components for the necklace.  I added little “spaceship” sterling silver spacers.  I used 18 gauge wire; I’m not used to that thickness especially since I have not done any wire work for a while.

Glass Lampwork Components for a Necklace

I didn’t have any jumprings, so I decided to make some.

Wire Wrapped - Ready to Make JumpringsI haven’t made these in a while either.  What a chore until my saw blade broke.  I replaced the blade and finished in minutes.  Note to self – working with a dull tool is not good.

Jumprings and a Jeweler's Saw

That is all I have for today.  I’m off to the torch to make the focal bead.

I’m Rosemarie Hanus and I usually just make glass lampwork beads (not the jewelry) in my Bath Township, Ohio studio.   Check out my stores to see what I usually do – links in sidebar.

Designing a Necklace

I have been working on a new bead and now I want a piece of jewelry for it.  In fact, I need the piece done by Saturday.   I decided to draw a rough version of it in Photoshop.  It is quite substantial – total length is 18 inches, the longest bead is ~1.5 inches, and the medium size beads are about 1/2 inch each.  Well… that seems big to me anyway.

Glass Lampwork Bead Necklace

I need to remake the focal bead all of the supporting beads tonight.  I can make the piece tomorrow and put it in a show on Saturday.  I work best with a deadline.

Stay tuned!

My Earrings in the Cleveland Handmade Giveaway!

Bubbling Spring Spawn of Flame Earrings

Bubbling Spring Spawn of Flame Earrings

Cleveland Handmade is hosting a giveaway to thank all our wonderful supporters and customers, as well as give you the opportunity to check out the high-quality handmade art in member shops.  The giveaway this week are earrings made by ME!

Go here to enter!

You have until Wednesday noon (EST).  Hurry!

Update: the deadline has now passed; I don’t know the winner yet, though!

Copper Leaf Earrings

I spend another evening learning all sorts of great jewelry making techniques from Melissa Muir.  On this occasion, we both made fabulous (if I say so myself) copper earrings.  We cut, folded, forged, soldered, pickled, and oxidized the metal and ended with these:

Copper Earrings

Copper Earrings

If you are anywhere near Melissa’s studio and want to learn more than you knew that you needed to know, I highly recommend taking one of her classes.  If you don’t want to learn to make the jewelry, but would still like to wear it, check out some of her work.

In addition to learning jewelry making, I create fabulous (if I say so myself) glass lamwork beads. Check them out at Etsy or my Spawn of Flame website.

Lampwork Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Glass Lampwork Bracelet

Sterling Silver and Glass Lampwork Bracelet

A month or so ago, I took a soldering class with a fabulous local jewelry artist,  Melissa Muir, and made a way cool bracelet. We used a jeweler’s saw to cut our own sterling silver rings and then soldered the rings closed with a cute little butane torch.  I saved my pennies and recently bought the tools to make some of this kind of jewelry myself.

Here is my first piece on my own.  I wanted to use some of my own glass lampwork beads in it, so I soldered a couple of test rings and the beads seemed to be ok.  The design kind of just happened.  I have to give Melissa a lot of credit… in her class she went over a lot of the things that I needed to know, so I was never lost while going solo.

I am absolutely thrilled how it turned out!

Rosemarie Hanus makes glass lampwork beads and solders silver in her Northeast Ohio studio.  You can see even more of her beads in her Etsy store.