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Revisiting Old Designs

Once again I was looking at some of my designs that I don’t make anymore. One is a beautiful bead called Purple Majesty.

Just as with a cooking recipe, sometimes changing one ingredient gives a totally different result. This time, the background is more pink than purple – and the funny thing is that the background color was the one that was the same.


Secondary Colors

Just some glass lampwork beads!

Short and sweet?  I handmake make these and I like to look at them.  See more at Etsy and ArtFire.

Studio Mascot – Glass Spider

I wasn’t ready to run the kiln yet, but had some time to melt glass.  I got tired of pulling stringers, so I made this little green spider out of glass.  (If this paragraph is gibberish – read below!) The span of the legs is about 2 inches, so it is a pretty big spider.  I decided that I needed a mascot in my studio, so he will now supervise my work.

Studio Mascot - Glass Spider

A kiln is a device used to soak glass at a certain temperature and to cool glass slowly.  I helps to prevent stresses from building in the glass which in turn should make the glass stronger.  I dislike turning it on and then going leaving it while I have to go run errands for hours.

Stringers are threads of glass used to decorate beads or other glass objects.  They are made by heating a glob (gather) of glass and then pulling it into various thickness.  I have about a month’s worth of stringers all ready.

I discovered that the little fellow is pretty durable.  I grabbed one of the legs while it was still hot and my reflex was to drop it.  It bounced on my workbench, but did not break.  Had it broken – I would have been sad.

Rosemarie Hanus usually makes beads, not spiders in her home studio in Bath Township, Ohio, USA. View some of here work as Spawn of Flame (and here).

Introducing Flower – a New Glass Lampork Bead

I have had this technique for a new glass lampwork bead bouncing around in my head for quite a while.  About a month ago, I was working on my production beads and the bead went bad.  I don’t like to just dump a bead in the water bath**, so I decided to give my idea a try.  It wasn’t too bad, so I made a couple more.

Here is how they are turning out.  I did put a silver core into this one after I took the photo, but I sent it off for a bead exchange right away – so you get to see the “naked” bead.

Glass Lampwork Flower Bead

I need a name with a little more punch!  Any suggestions?

** when a molten glass bead is put into the water bath, some spectacular things happen.  The bead cracks, violently usually.  Cool cracking sounds happen right away and keep going for minutes thereafter.  I usually feel bad for the bead though, and sometimes my greatest accidental techniques are discovered if I save a “lost” bead.

Rosemarie Hanus makes Flower Beads and many others in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.

It Blue Me Away

Some of my beads are featured in this blue treasury by expressions123 on Etsy.

It Blue Me Away

I’ve Been Working

I’ve been very quiet on this blog lately.  Don’t you hate these posts?

Here is some bead porn to view; this was the result of a very long torch day last week.

Lots of Beads

Lots of Beads

I make these beads 6 (usually) at a time on stainless steel welding rods (mandrels in glass-speak).  The white substance is called bead release and prevents the beads from sticking to the mandrels once they have been cooled.  I like making multiples because I can get matching sets much easier.

Rosemarie Hanus makes Lots of Beads in her home studio.  See these many beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.


Studio Make Over

I got a couple of new pieces of furniture for my glass studio.  We went to HGR Industrial Surplus – it was a huge warehouse of all sorts of, well, industrial stuff.

Here is the heavy duty steel cabinet that is the new home for the kiln.  I am going to paint it soon, but for now it’s a nice rust and gray.

New Kiln Cabinet

New Kiln Cabinet

Here is my revamped desk.  It was sagging in the middle and we have reinforced it now so that it is almost flat.

Torching Desk

Torching Desk

And here is a huge, heavy duty cabinet that will soon hold my glass; it even has some nice dividers in the bottom that will help store the flat glass that I use.  I have the oxygen concentrator on top of it.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet

Zebra Bead

I’m really excited about this new zebra bead. I really love the webbing.

Zebra Glass Lampwork Bead

Zebra Glass Lampwork Bead

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Channeling Mash Up

We had a interesting assignment for the Finding Your Voice Workshop – channeling two artists. Here it is:

You are going to pretend that you are a well known glass-bead artist…mostly pioneers in the movement (also people on my favs list that I threw in for fun)… people whose style is DEFINITELY their own… easily recognizable. You would say that each of these people found their voice… no doubt.

Well… one morning they woke up and found that their “to-do” lists include making beads that “belong” to another beadmaker… beads that THEY are known for. These beads will still need to definitely LOOK like bead artist 1 (who you are channeling) but should definitely be the style of beadmaker 2.

Oh, yes. This was a really fun assignment. I loved looking at some of the artists’ work. I’ve been lampworking for more than 6 years, and was not familiar with all of these artists. Yes, shame on me! I chose to be Sylvie Lansdowne (nothing like trying to be the teacher’s pet) making a Kathy Johnson bead.  Sylvie makes whimsical mermaids and fairies with cute decorations, and Kathy makes realistic horses.

I present the result of this experiment: the MerMare.

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.

Second Try on the Yellow Bead – It Worked!

I tried the yellow and beige lampwork bead again.  It matched my vision much better than my first attempt.

Yellow Glass Lampwork Bead

Yellow Glass Lampwork Bead

Rosemarie Hanus makes usable beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.