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The Ice Stopped Here

There are many ledges in Northeast Ohio thanks to ancient glaciers. They pushed rocks along as they moved; when they melted, the rocks remained. We took advantage of freakish warm weather here in our January winter and hiked the local Top O Ledges, part of Hinckley Reservation.

The Ice Stopped Here

The Ice Stopped Here

The dog was quite happy. He has spied… something.

I Spy with My Little Eyes

I Spy with My Little Eyes

Here is another gratuitous ledge photo.

Overlooking a Ledge

Overlooking a Ledge


Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

Happy Birthday Spike!

Here is my old dog – her “birthday” is April 15 and she is 14 years old.  We really don’t know her birthday since she came to us as a very young (and tiny) rescue dog; we assigned the date and have celebrated it each year.

When I found that the weekly photo challenge topic was Old, I immediately thought that I had to use her as the subject. She was less than cooperative, but at least I captured a couple of pictures that were not of her back end.  That is what I usually get!

Spike - 14 Years!

Spike - Always on the Move

Piano Guts

A spring broke on one the keys on our piano. My handy dandy DH fixed it! I had never seen the inside of a piano, so I snapped some pictures.

Inside the Piano!

Note the curious kitty looking through the door to our sunroom!

Here is a close up of the part that was removed.

Piano Parts

The new spring is glued into place and the piano works almost like new.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

The topic for the weekly photo challenge was curiosity.   My first thought was my cat, but I thought there was no way that I could get a photo of her being curious.  Of course, she did present an opportunity when she was investigating the hole for our sump pump.  Why she was looking around in there is a mystery to me – there are THREE water dishes around the house, so it couldn’t have been thirst.  I guess she was looking because “it was there”.  I didn’t have the camera – it figures!

I did see something that was a curiosity.  We were looking around in a pet store and there was a tank of gorgeous Oscars.  There were two types – one set being albino.  All of the albinos were congregating in one place; it was very odd.  Notice that the Tiger Oscars are on the top and the Albinos are all at the bottom? Curious.

Oscar Fish

Curious Congregation of Albino Oscars

More Fish Fry!

My son’s plecostomus spawned some time ago, mid 2008.  Heh heh – “spawn” (not of flame, however).  We moved a few of the babies (well, they weren’t babies anymore)  into my tank last fall.  Those babies have now produced a new batch of babies.  They must have been there a while – they are about 1 / 2 inch long already.  There are at least 2 albino ones; here they are posing just so that I could take a baby picture!

Baby plecostomus

That picture makes them look so BIG!

Rainy New Year’s Day

The temperature had warmed and much of the snow and ice had melted, so it seemed like a great day for a walk.  Along with some moody fog, there was a fine mist of rain; but hey, it was only a fine mist… until 2 minutes into the walk.


I was attempting to frame this photo of Hinckley Reservoir when the heavens opened and poured rain upon us.  I quickly snapped it and put the poor camera away.  I love how it turned out!

It only poured for about 2 minutes and then settled back into the gentle mist for the remainder of the walk.  Our timing could not have been worse!

Spike doesn’t mind the wetness, but apparently Genghis Khan (who has been remoikered Dinkus) is not so fond of it.  He was almost constantly shaking the water off.

Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls

We went on a hike today – one which we have not done for a long time – to see two waterfalls in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.   It is a very short hike to the first waterfalls, Blue Hen Falls and another mile to the second, Buttermilk Falls.

Blue Hen Falls is about 15 feet high; here is a view from the top.

Blue Hen Falls

Blue Hen Falls, Northeast Ohio

The trail was not quite what I remembered.  We had to cross the stream 3 times, I thought that only used to be once.  At one point, there was a lot of erosion, leaving the trail right at the edge of a drop off.  We decided to take an alternate path around that!

I took lots of pictures of mushrooms; I was bending over when Paul noticed some friends right next to us. This nest was right at my eye level; we were wondering how we did not bump into it! I don’t know if they were wasps or hornets…  We quickly left the area.

Wasp Nest

Wasp Nest

Here is Buttermilk Falls.  It is very secluded and is about 20 feet high.  At my last visit, there was a small pool at the base of the falls, but erosion has filled that.  It was very much worth the walk.  Well, except maybe for the off trail jaunt that we had to do.

Buttermilk Falls

Buttermilk Falls, Northeast Ohio

Spike loved the experience.  She jumped into the water with exuberance!

Spike at Buttermilk Falls

Spike at Buttermilk Falls

Yellow Labs

In the category of things living in our house, we have three Yellow Labs, but they are not the kind that you might immediately imagine.  They are fish – Electric Yellow Lab – Labidochromis caeruleus.

These are African Cichlids from Lake Malawi.  As far as these kind of fish go, they are on the low end of the aggressive meter, but they still inhabit their own tank.  They are currently about 3.5 to 4 inches long. I believe that this one is a male, I can’t get a picture of the female because she is always hiding.

Yellow Lab - Labidochromis caeruleus

First Day of School 2009 – 2010

It’s that time of year!  Here are the “traditional” photos of everybody in front of the linden tree.  When I was little, I had my photo taken in front of a huge maple tree each year; I used that tree for my kids until we moved in 1997.


First Day of School 2009 - 2010

First Day of School 2009 - 2010

I wasn’t able to get the cat and the dog in the same picture… well, at least before the bus came.

First Day of School 2009 - 2010

First Day of School 2009 - 2010

Randers Pride – Heirloom Daylilies

Over the weekend, we bought some day lilies today from Heritage Farms in Peninsula, Ohio.

Gazebo at Heritage Farm

Gazebo at Heritage Farm

These extra special flowers are called Randers Pride. My family bred lilies up until the late 1950’s. This flower was named after my maternal grandfather, who’s surname was Randers; I believe that he was the one that developed the flower.  It was registered by Libis-Cheetham. Libis was my maternal grandmother’s maiden name, so that would be my great grandfather, but unfortunately, I do not know who Cheetham was. This flower is extra special to me because it was registered in 1957 – the year that I was born. It helps that it is a quite tall plant with beautiful large yellow flowers.

Randers Pride Daylily

Randers Pride Daylily

Here are the three Randers Pride plants nestled into their new home, along with 2 friends named My Kia.  You didn’t think that I could possibly only buy what I went to purchase, did you?  My Kia was described as “quite prolific with red flowers”.  Oh, the human is my daughter, Katie.

Katie with Lilies

Katie with Lilies

Spike, the dog, thought that she was quite camouflaged while hiding behind the bee-balm. She was a good helper too.

Spike, the Camo-Dog

Spike, the Camo-Dog