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Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

I don’t always make round beads, but when I do…. they look like this!

Round Glass Lampwork Beads

Round Glass Lampwork Beads - Made by ME!

The weekly photo challenge topic is Round. These are pretty round!  Speaking of round, I went around and around trying to choose what to post.  Does anybody else see the theme EVERYWHERE during the week?

Rosemarie Hanus melts glass and sells the output (beads) when not meandering around photographing round things.

Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I am participating in WordPress’s Post a Week challenge and the weekly photo challenge topic is One. Just like last week, I started to see examples of One everywhere! I thought I would share several this time.

Here is a unique meeting location in our area.  It is just a hole in the wall beside an entrance to our local high school, Revere, and we call it, creatively enough, Hole-In-the-Wall. If we say meet at the Hole-In-the-Wall, no further explanation is needed.

Hole-In-the-Wall at Revere High School

Here is a funny one that I saw last night.  I think it is for pedestrians who are up to the challenge of crossing the road while standing on their heads; I’m pretty sure that it is ONE of a kind.  I literally stopped in the middle of the road and shot this out the front of my car (good thing I got that windshield crack fixed a while back… ).  It is also a good thing that the road I was on is mostly deserted that time of day – it is a business parkway – busy in the day, not so much in the evening.

Head Standing Pedestrians Only

Finally, I had to share this picnic table.  If you read here much, you are aware of how I love to hike at Hinckley Reservation and often walk the bridle trails.  This ONE picnic table is way far from any parking area; I certainly would not want to lug picnic supplies that far (although I would not be adverse to bringing a sandwich.)  It occurred to me that it is an ideal spot for riders to stop though.  Notice that there is even a hitching post in the back of the photo.

Picnic Table for Equestrians

Yes, the table is wet and yes, we hike in the rain.  Spike The Dog loves it, but Dinkus The Dog does not.

Rosemarie Hanus melts glass and sells the output (beads) when not hanging out at the Hole-In-the-Wall, stopping in the middle of the road, or hiking in the middle of nowhere.  Thanks for stopping by!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

The weekly photo challenge topic is Lines. I started to see lines everywhere! My favorite group of lines was organ pipes at the Bath Church UCC in Bath Ohio.

Organ Pipes at the Bath Church UCC

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old

Happy Birthday Spike!

Here is my old dog – her “birthday” is April 15 and she is 14 years old.  We really don’t know her birthday since she came to us as a very young (and tiny) rescue dog; we assigned the date and have celebrated it each year.

When I found that the weekly photo challenge topic was Old, I immediately thought that I had to use her as the subject. She was less than cooperative, but at least I captured a couple of pictures that were not of her back end.  That is what I usually get!

Spike - 14 Years!

Spike - Always on the Move

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow

The topic for the weekly photo challenge was shadow.  I was behind on this one because there have been no shadows around here.  Yes, I know, excuses, excuses…  But seriously, there was snow, then rain which melted the snow, and more snow, well – you get the idea.

But the sun came out!  It is such a rare occurrence around here that I really had my heart set on some real sun-cast shadows.  I was real quick and snapped a photo with my phone.  It was a good thing too, because the sunshine did not last long.


Rosemarie Hanus melts glass to make beads.  This photo was taken during a break in beadmaking when she decided to watch snow melt instead of glass.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curiosity

The topic for the weekly photo challenge was curiosity.   My first thought was my cat, but I thought there was no way that I could get a photo of her being curious.  Of course, she did present an opportunity when she was investigating the hole for our sump pump.  Why she was looking around in there is a mystery to me – there are THREE water dishes around the house, so it couldn’t have been thirst.  I guess she was looking because “it was there”.  I didn’t have the camera – it figures!

I did see something that was a curiosity.  We were looking around in a pet store and there was a tank of gorgeous Oscars.  There were two types – one set being albino.  All of the albinos were congregating in one place; it was very odd.  Notice that the Tiger Oscars are on the top and the Albinos are all at the bottom? Curious.

Oscar Fish

Curious Congregation of Albino Oscars