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It Blue Me Away

Some of my beads are featured in this blue treasury by expressions123 on Etsy.

It Blue Me Away

In the News

I was contacted a while ago to be interviewed for an article about Etsy artisans to be published in the Bath Country Journal, our local community magazine. I had not heard anything until this week, when a photographer called and said that the pictures for the article had to be done by Thursday.  Well, that was a surprise!

The photographer wanted a photo with me holding my beads, so to display as many beads as I could, I came up with the idea of using some cigar bead boxes that I had purchase a long time ago from The Bead Box Man.  I like how the beads look, but we’ll see how I look trying to hold them in the photo.  I was really worried that I was going to dump them all during my photo shoot!  They stayed in the boxes – what a relief!

Spawn of Flame Beads - in a Box

Spawn of Flame Beads - in a Box

Rosemarie Hanus makes many beads in her home studio. Take a look at these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.

Olives at Midnight Etsy Treasury

My beads are in another treasury.  This one is called Olives at Midnight, curated by paisleykitty.  I think treasuries are usually so wonderful to look at… I think that I may be inspired to make some olive green and midnight blue beads – but not right now, it’s only 37 degrees F in the studio.

Olives at Midnight Treasury

Olives at Midnight Treasury

The curator, paisleykitty, is a buyer and is totally sweet creating treasuries.

Here are the shops included:

LEST – Lampwork Etc Street Team

On Etsy, there are groups of people that promote each other’s shops – these groups are called Street Teams.  I am on one such team; we all all lampworkers ( or flameworkers) that frequent an online forum called Lampwork Etc.  Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself!  Etsy is an online selling venue that can best be described by their tagline – “Your place to buy and sell all things handmade”.

Back to our team.  We have a website ( , a blog (Welcome to LEST), an area on Flickr (Lampwork: Glass Beads), and probably some others. Update: sadly, this team is no longer in existence.

We run promotions each month, and for the month of December we are having a Holiday / Winter Challenge.  Several members have uploaded photos of beads and you can vote on your favorite.  Go ahead.  Go vote. Go do it now!  I wouldn’t mind if you happened to vote for mine.

Candy Canes and Candy Cane Wreaths

Candy Canes and Candy Cane Wreaths

Tough Choice

Glass Lampwork BeadWhen the call for entries for the next Bead Review was announced, I decided that I would submit three of my beads for consideration. I had submitted some of my work for the first one, and one of my lampwork beads was selected. I slacked off and did not send anything for the second one.

Well, today is the very last day to get entries in and I am having a hard time deciding which beads to choose. I am pretty sure that I have finally decided. I can’t show the ones that I am sending, but here is one that did not make the cut.

It is a great bead, but it is one that looks so much better in person that I had a hard time submitting it.  That, and the background was too sharp in the original photo (before the gaussian blur on this one!) – we are not supposed to edit the photos.  Hey, whatever selection method works, right?