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Triple Play

I have tossed around the idea of writing a proper introduction, but I’m not sure that I will. I have one that is tailored for Watch Me Create. I think that for this blog, I would just like to share just a few tidbits about myself in posts from time to time.

One of my secret (not anymore!) pleasures is sports. I love listening to baseball and basketball on the radio. I watch them on TV. Football, (yeah, the American kind) I watch on TV, because I’m not so good at visualizing that one in my head.

Well. Let me tell you my story.

One of the really rare occurrences in baseball is a triple play. It’s not like they never happen, but they are unusual. I have never seen one, except for sports highlights. For one, conditions have to be just right for it to happen: 2 players are on base and there are no outs. Those conditions in themselves are not that rare, but to have the ball go into play so that all three players are out in the same play are. To get an idea of the rarity of a triple play, the last time that the Cleveland Indians have turned a triple play was August 7, 1992. Until the game on August 28, 2007. That’s 15 years.

I was watching that game on TV. I had just gotten up to go talk to one of my sons, and was listening to the game as I walked by the TV. I heard the call that the batter hit a ground ball. I heard the first out at third and to my trained ear, it sounded like it was going to be a “routine” double play. I heard the call for the out at second, and the announcer getting excited. My brain says, “Oh! My! They’re going for a triple play!”, but my legs couldn’t get me back to see it actually happen. And it was over. Since I was watching it on TV, but didn’t see it, does it still “count”?