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Pollen Explosion!

While snapping pictures of our Rose of Sharon bushes, I snapped this dynamic photo of a bumble bee. She was laden with pollen already, and her poking around in the flower caused a spray of pollen speckles.

Pollen Explosion

Feeding Frenzy

Bees on Thistle

Bees on Thistle

Are you tired of reading about my thistle yet? I hope not, because I am thrilled at each new visitor – or visitors. I shot this set of bees peacefully sharing one flower.

I also saw a goldfinch on the weed yesterday, but wouldn’t you know? I did not have the camera with me.

Hey!  I just wrote a post about the birds and the bees.  It is still safe for work!

My Thistle

I have allowed this large thistle to grow in my front yard; I hope that my neighbors don’t mind. It is next to another large bush, so it is pretty discrete.

It is at least 6 feet tall and has dozens of flowers on it. I love having these around because the goldfinches and butterflies love it too. I’m looking forward to the show.

I noticed the small critter on the flower only when getting close enough for the photo.