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Ducks in a Row

On a recent hike, we saw several groups of ducks sunning themselves. It was just that kind of day, I guess.

Ducks in a Row

Ducks in a Row

Great Blue Heron

This Great Blue Heron was patiently waiting for dinner while a fish was splashing around behind.  I think the fish was taunting him – not a smart move really.  What do you think?

Great Blue Heron

This was in Hinckley Reservation, if you have not guessed that yet.

Just a Walk in the Park

We went on a hike on Friday at the Hinckley Reservation;.  It was what we call a glorious Akron day – overcast, damp, and cool.  This is typical weather here in Northeast Ohio, and I guess that I have learned to appreciate this type of day.

I disturbed a Great Blue Heron.  I must have taken just a little too long for his comfort to frame the shot.  He indignantly flew to the other end of the reservoir.

Aggravated Great Blue Heron

Aggravated Great Blue Heron

The dampness brought many tidbits to my sense of smell.  The woods smelled of freshly decomposing leaves.  It was a clean, earthy smell – quite pleasant and reminds me of why our vegetation is quite lush this time of year.

The air also hung heavy with the scent of wild roses.  They smelled quite sweet right now, but not cloying at all.

Wild Roses

Wild Roses

It was a perfect day.

Wild Turkey Reprise

Gratuitus Bead - Phoenix

Gratuitus Bead - Phoenix

I was driving to work early this morning in Interstate 77, and something in the periphery of my vision caught my attention. It was two wild turkeys walking in the grass beside the road. Now, this was well within what I would call the city, so I was quite startled. I wish I could have had a better look, but – I was driving.

I saw a whole flock of them recently and there used to be at least one that ranged near my house, but other that that, sightings are rare. I hope that this means that they are becoming more common here.

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Turkey Crossing

Turkey Crossing

Turkeys Grazing In Bath Township, Ohio

I was driving early in the morning a couple of weeks ago here in Bath Township and suddenly a flock of turkeys crossed the road in front of me.  They were quite orderly and quickly crossed the road in single file.  Once gathered on the other side, they started to graze in someone’s front yard.

There were maybe 2 dozen birds; they were startlingly large.  Here in northeast Ohio, I’m quite used to deer darting in front of my car, but turkeys?  Not so much!

Bird Feeder

Here is the recipe for the bird feeder. It makes a great kid’s project.


  • Pine Cone
  • Peanut Butter
  • Birdseed


  • Coat the pine cone with peanut butter.
  • Roll it in birdseed,
  • Hang it from a tree branch

It Snowed!

Mr. Hankey in the snow
Poor Mr. Hankey. It snowed all over him, and now he has a snow cap.

Will the birds be able to find the feeder?  I think that the answer would be yes.  I have only seen one bird looking it over – a bright red Cardinal, but that was before the snow.

Mr. Hankey

Mr. Hankey in my treeI have Mr. Hankey hanging outside my bedroom window.

My daughter made a wonderful bird feeder and put it outside my bedroom window. When I looked, what did I see? Mr. Hankey.

Fortunately, my daughter also had a good sense of humor so she thought that it was funny too.

If you don’t know who Mr. Hankey is, well, he is a character from the South Park cartoon. He’s Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. I probably don’t need to explain more.

As an aside, do you recognize the tree? It looks a lot different now, and not just because of Mr. Hankey.

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