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Inspiration Photo

I was startled to snap this picture on a walk recently at Hinckley Reservation.  It is the middle of summer, but there are autumn colors.  Just soak in the range of colors!

Autumn Colors in the Summer

Autumn Colors in the Summer

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Channeling Mash Up

We had a interesting assignment for the Finding Your Voice Workshop – channeling two artists. Here it is:

You are going to pretend that you are a well known glass-bead artist…mostly pioneers in the movement (also people on my favs list that I threw in for fun)… people whose style is DEFINITELY their own… easily recognizable. You would say that each of these people found their voice… no doubt.

Well… one morning they woke up and found that their “to-do” lists include making beads that “belong” to another beadmaker… beads that THEY are known for. These beads will still need to definitely LOOK like bead artist 1 (who you are channeling) but should definitely be the style of beadmaker 2.

Oh, yes. This was a really fun assignment. I loved looking at some of the artists’ work. I’ve been lampworking for more than 6 years, and was not familiar with all of these artists. Yes, shame on me! I chose to be Sylvie Lansdowne (nothing like trying to be the teacher’s pet) making a Kathy Johnson bead.  Sylvie makes whimsical mermaids and fairies with cute decorations, and Kathy makes realistic horses.

I present the result of this experiment: the MerMare.

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

MerMare - Glass Lampwork Bead

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Invert Colors

Here is one of my beads from the online Finding Your Voice Workshop.  It is a lampwork glass bead that, well, the concept is great, but the bead is probably one of the ugliest bead that I have ever made.  I have seen others make this claim, and when I see the bead, I think that the bead is just fine.  You be the judge here.

Blue Organic Bead ecstaticPinkDonut.jpgThe assignment was to take a photograph of a bead that we make often and have good familiarity with it.  In a photo editing program, we were to invert the colors and then actually make the resulting bead.  When I did this, I discovered that I have already made a lot of these combinations already.  I did find one to try – a blue bead that inverted into a nice yellow bead.

So here are the two bead photos.  The blue one is the original bead.  The second is inverted – I left the background untouched (because I can).

“Wow!”, I thought to myself – this will be great. Here is the result. I am almost embarrassed to post the picture of the bead, but I don’t think that viewing it will cause you permanent damage. It also might give you a little insight into a lampworker’s not so successful experiments!

The effect that I was trying to achieve was a soft yellow base, with accents of a darker yellow and brown.  My choice of glass colors  not play well together and made mostly mud.  The shape however, is impeccable.  What do you think?  Could this be one of the ugliest beads ever?

My Ugliest Bead Ever (maybe...)

My Ugliest Bead Ever (maybe...)

Rosemarie Hanus makes usable beads too in her home studio.  See these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.

Another Cable Bead

Cable Bead with DotsI continued making some more cable beads, and I thought that it would be interesting to add some dots in between the cables on my cable beads.

These dots are made from a special glass that contains a lot of silver.  When worked with a flame that does not have a lot of oxygen in the mix (called a reducing flame), it makes a very pretty, varied pattern.  I put some clear dots on top to magnify the effect.

I really like this! What do you think?  Am I going in a good direction?

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Cable Bead

I am now starting a new round of Sylvie Lansdowne’s Facebook workshop; we are calling it “People Who Won’t Leave”!  This is actually the second week of this round; it will take me a little while to get the nerve to show you my first week’s bead – it was less than aesthetically pleasing.

Our assignment was to use something from our closet to inspire us.  I do tend to wear a lot of solids and textured clothing, so at first I was a little stumped.  Then I decided to use a knitted cable sweater as my inspiration, and to draw the cables with different colors.

Knitted Cable Fabric Swatch

Knitted Cable Fabric Swatch

This is a beautiful stitch and it really makes me want to get my knitting machine(s) out again!  I wanted to make the bead very textured, and to emphasize where the cables “crossed over”.   There were a few technical challenges that I had to think through before making the bead, but I got through that and made my first bead:

Cable Bead - First One!

Cable Bead - First One!

For “extra credit”, we were allowed to make more beads using different color schemes.  Once I had made the first bead, I thought of some techniques that I could do to make the cables more uniform; I tried that on a few more beads.

Yellow Cable Bead

Yellow Cable Bead

I like these and plan on expanding this concept. I even have some more ideas on how to streamline the process – right now, ot takes me a long time to make one!

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads in her home studio. Almost all of them use Silvered Ivory Stringer – Look at these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or her Spawn of Flame website.

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 5 – From a Song

Hungry Eyes – here’s lookin’ at you!  The assignment for this week of the workshop (Finding Your Voice –Sylvie Lansdowne on Facebook) was to choose any song and make a bead the was inspired by this song.  I had a difficult time choosing a song!

In the end, I chose “Hungry Eyes” sung by Eric Carmen; it was in the movie Dirty Dancing.  This song is neither my favorite, nor does it have any special meaning to me.  However, when I was explaining the assignment to my husband in Steak ‘n Shake, this song started plaing on their XM radio.  Hmm, I had a comment about my prior bead that it looked almost like eyes.  There it was; I had a song. As a total aside, I discovered that this song was recorded in Beachwood, Ohio – not too terribly far from where I live!

Glass Lampwork Bead - Hungry Eyes

Glass Lampwork Bead - Hungry Eyes

I can see where I can make improvements to this bead, but the rules of the workshop are quite explicit – make one bead, and that is the one to post.  You can make more, but the first one is the workshop bead.

Now that I made the bead, it brought back a memory.  When I was young, there was a drive in restaurant called the Hungry I in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  I loved going there!  They had a signature burger – the “I”.  It was a lot like a Big Mac, but it predated that sandwich by at least a decade, and was much juicier.  It was delivered hot and juicy to your car in a paper wrapper with an olive on a toothpick skewered into the burger.  Maybe I can start a “Tribute to the Hungry I” series.

Interested?  Read more in this series about the Finding Your Voice Workshop.

Rosemarie Hanus makes beads in her home studio. Look at some more of these beads at EtsyArt Fire, or my Spawn of Flame website.

Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 4 Finding Your Own Inspiration

The assignment for this week of the workshop (Finding Your Voice –Sylvie Lansdowne on Facebook) was to take a photograph and make a bead.  The exercise was to emphasize that inspiration is everywhere.  While this sounds simple, my first reaction was that there was only snow outside everywhere.  Mallory, also in my workshop group, mentioned the same thing.  No, I did not have to photograph something outside, but I stubbornly wanted to.

So I photographed the snow.  We have had a lot of melting of this snow this past week, so it is not exactly pretty right now.  In fact, it was downright dirty and pitted.

Melting Snow

Melting Snow

Here is my bead, which I think has lots of possibilities.  I actually like it the way that it is. I used ivory and silver to give the base a dirty snow look.   Originally, I was going to place trapped air bubbles in the white circles, but when I poked the indents to do that, I sort of liked the effect they way that it was.  So, I stopped.

Glass Lampwork Bead - Inspired by Snow

Glass Lampwork Bead - Inspired by Dirty, Melting Snow

I think I caught the essence of dirty snow, don’t you?