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Finding Your Voice Workshop – Week 4 Finding Your Own Inspiration

The assignment for this week of the workshop (Finding Your Voice –Sylvie Lansdowne on Facebook) was to take a photograph and make a bead.  The exercise was to emphasize that inspiration is everywhere.  While this sounds simple, my first reaction was that there was only snow outside everywhere.  Mallory, also in my workshop group, mentioned the same thing.  No, I did not have to photograph something outside, but I stubbornly wanted to.

So I photographed the snow.  We have had a lot of melting of this snow this past week, so it is not exactly pretty right now.  In fact, it was downright dirty and pitted.

Melting Snow

Melting Snow

Here is my bead, which I think has lots of possibilities.  I actually like it the way that it is. I used ivory and silver to give the base a dirty snow look.   Originally, I was going to place trapped air bubbles in the white circles, but when I poked the indents to do that, I sort of liked the effect they way that it was.  So, I stopped.

Glass Lampwork Bead - Inspired by Snow

Glass Lampwork Bead - Inspired by Dirty, Melting Snow

I think I caught the essence of dirty snow, don’t you?