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Choosing my New Look – Part 2 – Museums

How about art museums?  I ramdomly chose a few museums from a random article (how’s that for scientific?)

Here too, there were neutral backgrounds with bright splashes of attention getting color.

Random Museums

Metropolitan Museum of Art Glacier blue background, white nav box, Chestnut Brown and Black font

Smithsonian Background gray – green tint? Lots of bright pictures, blue nav tabs with white font.  Some Blue nav fonts also.

MoMa – Museum of Modern Art – white background, black navigation font, changing blocks with info – bright colors, with a orange sign in bar at the bottom.

The British Museum –  White background, black nav bar with white font.  Multi-column info area in center, white with black font – looks like a newspaper

Louvre – – White background, with peach fade to gray info area, black and brown fonts.

Vatican Museum – White background, Orange and deep red font

Well, it seems like the thing to do is design something very neutral.  That makes sense, since I wouldn’t want to detract from my glass items anyway.  Here’s where I want to argue with myself.  I want business cards with color – preferable matching my ArtFire and Etsy shops, but I don’t want a bunch of beads scattered about.

I decided to make a gradient, with just one set of beads.  It turned out much more colorful than I intended.  The orange was supposed to be muted!  Because the banner was so bright, I ended up setting the background of that to a brighter orange.  I think I still have work to do!

Header for Spawn of Flame Artfire Shop