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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

I am participating in WordPress’s Post a Week challenge and the weekly photo challenge topic is One. Just like last week, I started to see examples of One everywhere! I thought I would share several this time.

Here is a unique meeting location in our area.  It is just a hole in the wall beside an entrance to our local high school, Revere, and we call it, creatively enough, Hole-In-the-Wall. If we say meet at the Hole-In-the-Wall, no further explanation is needed.

Hole-In-the-Wall at Revere High School

Here is a funny one that I saw last night.  I think it is for pedestrians who are up to the challenge of crossing the road while standing on their heads; I’m pretty sure that it is ONE of a kind.  I literally stopped in the middle of the road and shot this out the front of my car (good thing I got that windshield crack fixed a while back… ).  It is also a good thing that the road I was on is mostly deserted that time of day – it is a business parkway – busy in the day, not so much in the evening.

Head Standing Pedestrians Only

Finally, I had to share this picnic table.  If you read here much, you are aware of how I love to hike at Hinckley Reservation and often walk the bridle trails.  This ONE picnic table is way far from any parking area; I certainly would not want to lug picnic supplies that far (although I would not be adverse to bringing a sandwich.)  It occurred to me that it is an ideal spot for riders to stop though.  Notice that there is even a hitching post in the back of the photo.

Picnic Table for Equestrians

Yes, the table is wet and yes, we hike in the rain.  Spike The Dog loves it, but Dinkus The Dog does not.

Rosemarie Hanus melts glass and sells the output (beads) when not hanging out at the Hole-In-the-Wall, stopping in the middle of the road, or hiking in the middle of nowhere.  Thanks for stopping by!